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filler time! – birthday noodle + ace whale

April 8, 2011

Continuing my pre-MoCCA/tax time/I got engrossed in Sandman and can’t stop filler of recent commissions and gifts:

I drew a Noodle (from the Gorillaz albums) for Danny on his birthday, which he has hopefully gotten in the mail already, otherwise haha surpriiise!

Also, pal and bandmate Dolfstar, who goes under the category of Really (Like, Really) Smart People I Know, commissioned this drawing of “a whale devouring something” to use as a background for a paper on the biblical Jonah, of whale-devoured fame.

I am so jazzed for MoCCAFest! I may embarrass myself with public giddiness.


This is what I have been working on

March 8, 2011

…since finishing that comic, while my brain refuses to write new scripts.

It’s a triptych, I plan to watercolor it probably, and I hope to make prints. Ideally in time for MoCCAFest, but that’s only if I EVER GET MY TAXES DONE.

to whom it may concern

February 21, 2011

My comic debut, TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN is now available on the interwebs and in print! It is a story about dreams and job hunting and rocking out.

You can read it on the internet RIGHT NOW, totally for free.

You can also buy a copy in super-sexy neon green on etsy for $5

Alternately, if you’re one of those weird people who want to “support my art” and give me more money, for $10 I will give you a signed copy with a sketch of main character Tam (idiot twentysomething) expressing an emotion of your choice. This is also available via etsy, or if I see you on a regular to semi-regular basis anyway, CASH MONEY.


we are the goon squad and we’re coming to town

February 11, 2011

television, television, you are my most loyal muse.

don’t tell your poppa or he’ll get us locked up in fright

February 5, 2011

i feel like this