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i’d rather be drawing

December 3, 2010

I have taken to scribbling on post its during my lunch break and carrying small notebooks in my purse so I can scratch out drawings in public when I should be socializing. I assume this can only enhance my aura of disheveled mystery.


whiteout 12-step

November 26, 2010

I am trying out a new drawing rule. It is called “put the fucking pen down while you’re ahead”. I think it is working out well.

I might try watercoloring this thing….though that might be breaking the rule.

What I am really excited about right now is synthesizers. I figured out how to autotune on my laptop after I became the last technophile in the world to mess around with Garageband. The amount of buttons fills me with horror, and my robofolk schemes feel far off, but I can at least content myself listening to my squeaky little cyborg self for now.

personal bubble: please return

November 19, 2010

Had a non-relaxing sort of pseudo-vacation, already looking forward to Tgiving and home and vegetation. Stocked up on thoughts though, I’m teeming, bubbling with ideas, pictures pour out of me like an overboiling kettle, etc, etc.

I’m reading My Monkey’s Name is Jennifer by Ken Knudtsen, and am completely in love with his lettering. Energetic and alive but completely legible. Goes perfectly with his frantic linework.

Part of me wants to hand-letter eveything until I get good at it, but a much bigger part of me wants to get a nice monotype and embrace the robotic age.

Note to self: research creating your own font.

it’s all good news now

November 12, 2010

Oh look I drew Remix again! She’s like my safety blanket.

I had great fun with the band last night playing at The Recoup Lounge. And we get to do it every Wednesday with the rest of the awesome folks from That’s Goodness! If you’re in NYC you should come check us out sometime.

the Remix test

November 7, 2010

I have been drawing this girl for maybe…six years now? She is a nice ground for all the stylistic morphing I’ve been doing. Can I still draw Remix and make her look like Remix? I ask this from time to time to make sure I am not running off track.

Hello lunchbreak

December 14, 2009

Life is busy!
I have so many projects and jobs!
I am very fortunate.
But also quite tired!

I am also obsessed with scanners. Does anyone have recommendations? I would love to have something to go by other than “this is cheap” or “I used this one once and it wasn’t awful”.

Here’s some Remix lineart awaiting color that I tested the computer lab scanners with this morning:

I am trying to draw more dynamic figures! Thus awkwardly acrobatic fighting Remixes are growing all over my sketchbook.

Also here is a toy I made for my Flash final.

Remix has a puffy coat again, I must be thinking about cold.

October 24, 2009

A good day in Indiana

September 24, 2009

reboo makes the party happen

Allison Brown is the most fabulous person I have never met. She introduced me to glitter graphics, was kind enough only to lol and explain when I didn’t know what a viral video was, and generally taught me everything I needed to know about this bizarre thing that is web pop culture. Happy hour-late Birthday!

August 7, 2009

For your amusement, a sketch of mysterious figures from the mysterious story that is slow cooking in the crockpot of my mind mostly to amuse me while I wait for the subway car to show up: