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filler time! – i am a muppet

April 6, 2011

I hardly did a thing ALL weekend. I’m resting up hard for MoCCAFest this weekend. Also, I started rereading Sandman, and I just can’t stop that until I’m done.

I’ve done a handful of weird commissions and presents for friends in the past week or two though, so I am going to use those as filler!

Let’s start with the weirdest! Which is probably this self-portrait of myself and my pal Bob as muppets. As commissioned by the Honourable Doctor Reverend Beazles KSC, who as brought it to my attention that I am, in fact, a muppet. Or have the grace of one. Or something.

Anyway, it’s all true.

The colors got a little weird since I decided using markers on tracing paper was a good idea, and ended up pretty much watercoloring with alcohol-based ink.

If anyone knows how to make these puppets happen in reality, just let me know.

As a reminder, tonight is Wednesday which means I will be playing with the Jay Ackley band at The Vital Movement (for which I have added a very useful button on the sidebar). We will be playing at least one song about robots, and I will have copies of my comic with me for sale, as always.


it’s all good news now

November 12, 2010

Oh look I drew Remix again! She’s like my safety blanket.

I had great fun with the band last night playing at The Recoup Lounge. And we get to do it every Wednesday with the rest of the awesome folks from That’s Goodness! If you’re in NYC you should come check us out sometime.

practicing not procrastinating

June 15, 2010

We have a gig on Thursday and it is going to be awesome.

Check FB or message for details…

jay ackley is a robot

December 16, 2009

In case anyone was not aware, I am in a band.

I am in the band of one Mr. Jay Ackley.

He has written approximately 1 billion songs, which he recently decided to compile into one volume in response to Christmas-related demands from his mum.

He requested some robot-themed cover art from me and this is what I made!

The illustration is ink and marker on paper, with a bit of gradient and text added in on photoshop. Concept is all Jay.

You should listen to Jay’s music!