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I saw this movie that Marvel made about pecs

May 13, 2011

I went to see this Thor thing all the nerds are talking about.

In conclusion, while Marvel may not be able to make a compelling romance plotline to save their life (I’m not convinced they’re actually trying either. At least not beyond feeding our collective expectation to see the superhero “get the girl” in the end.), as long as they keep feeding my eyeballs the highest-quality beefcakes, dreamboats and stone foxes clad in shimmering CGI, I will keep forking over my nerd dollars.

I have no idea what to expect from Avengers next summer, but I suspect I am going to require a very cold shower after watching it.

(Interestingly enough, the Marvel movie initiative has not yet led me to read a single Marvel comic. I guess I did watch an episode and a half of that Iron Man cartoon, but that was mostly because I liked how it looked like it was made in Illustrator, plus it came on right after The Last Airbender. Now if a fraction of the effort put into male fanservice was applied to pandering to the female fanbase…)


Unpacking MoCCA

April 17, 2011

useful things i drew while tabling

MoCCA was quite the experience! Very instructive, very humbling. I have so many things I want to work on, going forward!

There were so many amazing books to see that I ended up getting overwhelmed and only picking up a few new things. I finally got the chance to read through them today and I am so pleased! My faves:

Drive into the Sun by Matt Sundstrom: An account of a cross-country roadtrip consisting entirely of b&w landscapes. Beautiful brushwork, this goes into the Learn How to Draw Scenery files.

Spring Lake Massacre by The Carleton Graphic: Composed of nine interrelated shorts, all written by the same author but each illustrated by a different artist. Each short explores a different facet of a middle school murder. Truly gorgeous work, eerie and poignant. The kind of temporally disjointed storytelling I love best, and an unsettlingly real portrait of the kind of deadly serious friendships and conflicts I remember having in middle school. Gloriously, you can also read this online – do so immediately!

Medusa by Jessica Abston and Alex Kim: An accordion-fold book that maintains a continuous frame throughout the story, working both as a regular-fold book and a single unit. (love love love) A poem put to images – makes me want to illustrate full songs.

Paliwog by Anuj Shrestha: Shorts and illustrations about nothing and everything and everyday life bullshit. Such effing lovely art.

Shitty Titties by Bort: ridiculous/funny/gross mini-minicomic collage of ink and paint and pictures.

Holy shit on a stick, there are so many amazing comics out there! I struck gold and hardly even moved from hiding underneath my table! I can’t imagine if I had actually gone and spent all my ducats on everything that caught my eye – I would probably be sobbing and breaking all my brushes in despair at the thought of ever living up to anyone in this fantastically talented field.

The Real Pokemon of Brooklyn

March 30, 2011

It has been almost a month now since its’ release, and I have still not bought Pokemon Black & White, despite weekly debate over walking to the local Videogame Shoppe.

I am moderately obsessed with the existence of this game. Here is the long of it: (there is art at the end, promise!)

Girl avatars. To be perfectly honest, one of my favorite gaming activities is filling in my own genderqueer narratives when games throw female love interests and masculinity quips at my automatically male-presenting avatar. (This works particularly well on anything with the words “final” and “fantasy” in it.)

However, my less ironic ten-year-old-inner-self was very excited when Nintendo decided to let players pick between playing as a male or female Pokemon trainer. Last winter, teveling in the nostalgic glory of my Nintendo DS, I asked the Videogame Fairy for Pokemon Platinum so I could enjoy videogame girldom.


1. She is dressed like a teenaged Madeline on a shopping trip

2. Her sprite does the Dainty Anime Girl Run

3. She carries a HANDBAG: the action accessory of choice for ladies who want to ensure they only really have one hand free at all times, and get scoliosis.

The male trainer, unfortunately, looks even more like he fell out of a yacht club, so even my fallback spunky androgyny was out. They did at least throw me the small consolation prize of an effete best friend/rival roughly modeled off of The Little Prince, but overall I was Not Pleased.

Then Pokemon Black and White came out in Japan.
I got the word that the setting is based on NYC and the trainers are HIPSTERS. Immediately flying to google image search, I was overwhelmed with happiness to see a perfectly sturdy-looking girl rocking the hell out of some big hair and cutoffs.

This is the first Action Heroine costume that I can wholeheartedly get behind.

Actually, I think I own this outfit.

I mean…hiking boots, sweatbands, some sun cover for the face (I sincerely hope this means that trucker hats are still in fashion in Japan), a sensible yet distinctly feminine shoulderbag…it’s so reasonable.
And I know there have been grumbles about the short shorts, but man Bermuda shorts do not look good when you have thighs and when it is summer in Brooklyn you don’t even want to think about wearing anything longer than that.

So there is a big part of me that wants to whip out my thirty bucks and take that walk to the Video Game Shoppe and get my Girltrainer fix. But I’m afraid of the Truth. And I think that Truth is that the avatar is just an accessory that doesn’t actually affect gameplay, and the world map is nyc-inspired, not the game itself. In short it’s all just some decor changes to a game I only want to play out of nostalgia for being a kid and wholeheartedly consuming a trend, and, like so many other things, I need to just leave it to the new kids.

But since I hate letting go and LIVE to make meaningless lists, I posit the question: What if Pokemon Black & White was actually based on NYC?

In downtown Manhattan, you only battle assistants people have hired to fight in their place. On a Route in Northern Brooklyn, trainers sometimes fight you, sometimes just don’t really feel like it. There’s a new cycling road, but you can’t get on it right away because protesters are blocking the entrance with SUVs. Every time you put away your bicycle, there’s a 50% chance that it will get stolen. At which point you have to wait for an indeterminate amount of time in a subway stop while fighting off wild Patrats if you don’t want to hoof it across boroughs back to the Bike Shop.

File under: great ideas for unbearably-time-consuming hobby projects; conversation starters for nerds

Bonus: here’s the fanart that kind of started this whole geekout. I made this for the Nerds in Babeland‘s guest appearance on the Late Night JengaJam. A really fun geek talk jam to listen to – now I have an overwhelming urge to get back into the Justice League tv show. Thanks for the plug and very kind words, ladies!

When it comes to Pokemon and Hipsters and Action Ladies, Misty did all that shit first. She not only rocked cutoffs, but suspenders and the side-ponytail. Lightyears ahead of American Apparel.

The Pokemon mangas (I did say I totally consumed the Pokemon trend, right?) were my gateway drug into comics and Misty was extra-awesome in those. 1 part sporty, 1 part fanservicey, and all parts giving Ash hell all the time.

Upcoming: MoCCAFest 2011!

March 29, 2011

Dudes, mark your calendars!

I’m going to be at MoCCAFest on April 9 & 10. It’s a rad trade show that features a lot of self-publishers and small press folks.

I’ll be at table 15G with Mr. Danny Lewis. I will be the redhead hiding under the table – come find me! Use this helpful map as a guide!

They’ve just put up the panels schedule on the website, too – I am excited to pick which times I am going to need to handcuff Danny to the table so i can run away and watch them.

to whom it may concern

February 21, 2011

My comic debut, TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN is now available on the interwebs and in print! It is a story about dreams and job hunting and rocking out.

You can read it on the internet RIGHT NOW, totally for free.

You can also buy a copy in super-sexy neon green on etsy for $5

Alternately, if you’re one of those weird people who want to “support my art” and give me more money, for $10 I will give you a signed copy with a sketch of main character Tam (idiot twentysomething) expressing an emotion of your choice. This is also available via etsy, or if I see you on a regular to semi-regular basis anyway, CASH MONEY.


we are the goon squad and we’re coming to town

February 11, 2011

television, television, you are my most loyal muse.

Hourly Comic Day 2011

February 1, 2011

Today is Hourly Comic Day! The day when a bunch of crazy people draw a comic for every hour they are awake.

Complete as of 12:15 AM 2/02/2011. Wooof.

Check out everyone’s hourlies at the forum.

personal bubble: please return

November 19, 2010

Had a non-relaxing sort of pseudo-vacation, already looking forward to Tgiving and home and vegetation. Stocked up on thoughts though, I’m teeming, bubbling with ideas, pictures pour out of me like an overboiling kettle, etc, etc.

I’m reading My Monkey’s Name is Jennifer by Ken Knudtsen, and am completely in love with his lettering. Energetic and alive but completely legible. Goes perfectly with his frantic linework.

Part of me wants to hand-letter eveything until I get good at it, but a much bigger part of me wants to get a nice monotype and embrace the robotic age.

Note to self: research creating your own font.

why hello there

August 12, 2010

It’s been a while, internet. Here’s a sneak peek at what I’ve been working on lately…

You got the Fundraising Badge! Donors up to level 20 will not hang up on you, and you can use HM 007: Spreadsheet

June 2, 2010

This drawing encapsulates several very important things I’ve been doing lately:
– reading Scott Pilgrim
– playing copious amounts of Zelda
– finishing my job at the totally awesome Scenarios USA.

Hello internet, would you like to hire me for gainful employment?? I am taking offers.