sparkling princess pie magic pants

May 25, 2011

An apt criticism was posed to me after my Action Girl costuming in Pokemon post back in March. My friends called me out for completely disregarding the possibility of an Action Girl who wants to present high-femme. Which in turn brought up the question: can an Action Girl be high-femme?
(Or more specifically, can an Action Girl be high-femme AND assumed to have agency over her own costuming and gender presentation – or are all high-femme Action Girls victims of creator-enforced gender expectations and fanservice?)

I was planning to respond to this…at least a month ago. But then I got completely lost down a rabbit hole of magical girls and all the girly anime I grew up with, watched the entirety of Revolutionary Girl Utena, lost all sight of the original question, dug up my own latent issues from high school times around the whole affair, drank too much, cried, went on a mega-detox, cried some more, then went to my alumni reunion and discovered in the course of a prom dress rugby game that my sweetheart neckline dress actually stayed up, contradicting everything I was going to say about classic superheroine costuming in the first place.

Which is to say I think I may have too much of an artistic temperament to be a real blogger.

But I do what I want.

So, more on this subject…eventually.


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