not an example of good interactive art

May 7, 2011

Gosh. Hello. The internet? I’ve forgotten what this is.

I made myself a toy. It’s a pick your own adventure of constrained emotions and cute lady intrigue! And probably a good sign that I have reached saturation point and need to stop reading yuri manga right now.

If this doesn’t show my terrible decline into creative stagnation, I don’t know what does.
It’s all self-gratifying girly doodles from here on out, sorry folks.

But look! You can print them out and make your very own barely-interactive boring toy! It will approximate my frustration at falling back into the bizarrely chaste and/or innuendoed (don’t misinterpret the metaphor or you’ll miss all the sex!) drama-escapism embrace of a genre I stopped reading in my mid-teens, for a reason.


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