Unpacking MoCCA

April 17, 2011

useful things i drew while tabling

MoCCA was quite the experience! Very instructive, very humbling. I have so many things I want to work on, going forward!

There were so many amazing books to see that I ended up getting overwhelmed and only picking up a few new things. I finally got the chance to read through them today and I am so pleased! My faves:

Drive into the Sun by Matt Sundstrom: An account of a cross-country roadtrip consisting entirely of b&w landscapes. Beautiful brushwork, this goes into the Learn How to Draw Scenery files.

Spring Lake Massacre by The Carleton Graphic: Composed of nine interrelated shorts, all written by the same author but each illustrated by a different artist. Each short explores a different facet of a middle school murder. Truly gorgeous work, eerie and poignant. The kind of temporally disjointed storytelling I love best, and an unsettlingly real portrait of the kind of deadly serious friendships and conflicts I remember having in middle school. Gloriously, you can also read this online – do so immediately!

Medusa by Jessica Abston and Alex Kim: An accordion-fold book that maintains a continuous frame throughout the story, working both as a regular-fold book and a single unit. (love love love) A poem put to images – makes me want to illustrate full songs.

Paliwog by Anuj Shrestha: Shorts and illustrations about nothing and everything and everyday life bullshit. Such effing lovely art.

Shitty Titties by Bort: ridiculous/funny/gross mini-minicomic collage of ink and paint and pictures.

Holy shit on a stick, there are so many amazing comics out there! I struck gold and hardly even moved from hiding underneath my table! I can’t imagine if I had actually gone and spent all my ducats on everything that caught my eye – I would probably be sobbing and breaking all my brushes in despair at the thought of ever living up to anyone in this fantastically talented field.


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