personal bubble: please return

November 19, 2010

Had a non-relaxing sort of pseudo-vacation, already looking forward to Tgiving and home and vegetation. Stocked up on thoughts though, I’m teeming, bubbling with ideas, pictures pour out of me like an overboiling kettle, etc, etc.

I’m reading My Monkey’s Name is Jennifer by Ken Knudtsen, and am completely in love with his lettering. Energetic and alive but completely legible. Goes perfectly with his frantic linework.

Part of me wants to hand-letter eveything until I get good at it, but a much bigger part of me wants to get a nice monotype and embrace the robotic age.

Note to self: research creating your own font.


2 Responses to “personal bubble: please return”

  1. ACB Says:

    Here’s a tool for creating a font for your computer: — “Turn your handwriting into a font! Pilot Pens asks you to use your ink pen at least once more to write out your letters, then feed them into their font generator. Download your personal font, and then you can type with your own handwriting! “

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