breaking in the new kids

September 22, 2010

For Illustration Friday, for the theme of “acrobat”. Any excuse to draw folks in spandex.


10 Responses to “breaking in the new kids”

  1. david Says:

    spandex illustration friday – now crossposting at

  2. Janine Says:

    I love the angle that you have drawn this. It gives a real sense of height to the piece

  3. Patrick Says:


    I’ve been looking at your blog and I’ve been really digging you style, both written and pictorial.

    I would like to invite you to participate in an
    Art community blog i started a month or so ago called this day in real life.
    The addy is

    It’s basically a pressure-free (in regards to how often you post) site that documents moments in the artists life if or when they happen.

    It also will never be censored.

    If you decide to check it out and decide that it is something that you would lit to be a part of please email me at

  4. Ian T. Says:

    Fantastic illustration – the perspective and sense of height is amazing, and your linework is so clean and ideal for this composition!

    • jen Says:

      Wow, thanks! I finally took up bristol board and suddenly stopped making a sloppy mess of everything I draw, it is working out pretty well.

  5. HerbstKind Says:

    wonderful work, love their expression between tension and sadness

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