phantom hourglass

February 10, 2010

Man, I was really excited when Phantom Hourglass started with a loudmouthed girl pirate.
And then it was pasty old Zelda suffering from her magical multiple personality disorder again. And she got captured by baddies not once but TWICE before the intro was even finished…and will undoubtedly spend the entire game locked up somewhere.
Man, she’s got to get tired of that.

Meanwhile in this game your Link appears to be particularly in the clouds. Which seems appropriate, since so far this game makes me feel like a small stupid child playing with an interactive coloring book. I am hoping it is just beginning dungeon easiness, and that Nintendo will soon impress me with how they adapt all my beloved Zelda gameplay and challenges to a stylus.


3 Responses to “phantom hourglass”

  1. david Says:

    i’m worried that you are playing with a system whose basic premise seems to me to be an interactive coloring book.

    maybe you’ve aged out of zelda on handheld devices?

    • jen Says:

      i suppose. i really thought the stylus would add complexity to handheld zelda games, but instead they chucked out all the old gameplay and JUST used the stylus.

      yes maybe but until there is an emulator for wii or they get the majoras mask rom to work on mac i will be tabbing away at the little box muttering about how things were better back in my day

      • Danny Says:

        you should check out wind waker. it’s awesome, you sail a boat, and for at least the first half of the game zelda is a kickass pirate girl, full of spunk and moxy.

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