the technocalypse report

July 27, 2009

Diller Calls Free Web Content a ‘Myth’ (Bloomberg)
“We have ample evidence both in traditional and new media that people are willing to pay for quality, to pay for choice and to pay for convenience,” Iger said. “And they are willing to pay for what they perceive as value.”

The Coming Google Apocalypse (Hint: It’s Not Just About Media) (AdAge)
“…Annoyingly, it’s a cute monopoly — with a cute logo, a cute motto (“Don’t be evil”), cute executives and a cute corporate culture — that bewitches a lot of people into somehow doubting that it’s a monopoly, and prompts even otherwise cynical media people to be unnecessarily polite about it.”

Sometimes I am sitting at home, innocently writing some ideas for my science fiction grand opus, and the world decides to play along and tell me that the technocalypse is going to happen exactly as I fictionally predict it will.


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