life in three dimensions

July 20, 2009

I tried getting back together with Vue for a hot minute, and broke up with it again almost as quickly as I ditched knitting.

Despite as of yet not really clicking with 3d myself, I have limitless adoration for those polygons, which is basically thanks to three sources of inspiration:

  • Surprise surprise, Myst, which if you don’t already know because you haven’t been alive in the past couple decades and live under a rock, I totally recommend, provided you’re a pc user and can actually install the damn thing.
  • The 5th Dimension, which is a video game no one else on earth has ever heard or made any records of and I may or may have not simply hallucinated as a child
  • Patrick Farley’s utterly bizarre Delta Thrives (NSFW!), which fortunately still exists on the web archive of his old site,

And since I just uploaded a pile of stuff to the foolio, here are a bunch of sketchbook shots:


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